Welcome to Ghana Workshop 2015


Fly Neuroscience Workshop





This workshop is organized by the FLiACT graduate students in collaboration with the NGO TReND in Africa (http://trendinafrica.org/who-are-we/our-mission/).

Date: 14th-17th December 2015

Host: Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Kumasi, Ghana; Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology


Our goal is to introduce and promote the use of the fly Drosophila as an inexpensive and powerful, genetically tractable model organism for studying the brain. We also want to highlight and popularise the benefits of the use of the fly for applied research in medical-related questions. We hope to create an inspiring scientific environment that will facilitate an open discussion between the invited speakers, attendees (who will be early-stage graduate students as well as more senior scientists) and FLiACT fellows, about ways of leveraging large scale and low cost approaches for innovation and research to answer interesting and significant questions in Drosophila neuroscience and beyond. 


No registration fee!

The course participation is for free, and it will include catering for lunch and coffee breaks. But the participants will have to cover their own accommodation and travel. Once we selected the 20 applicants we will get in contact with you and provide more practical information.


Application deadline: call is closed!

FLiACT Organisation committee: Co-organisers:

Natalia Dave (FLiACT manager)

Valentina Ferlito (FLiACT fellow)

Elie Fink (FLiACT fellow)

Matthieu Louis (FLiACT coordinator)

Sercan Sayin (FLiACT fellow)

Sayanne Soselisa (FLiACT fellow)

Sonja Reiland (FLiACT manager)


John Abraham (Lecturer, University of Cape Coast, Ghana)

Thomas Karikari (PhD student, University of Warwick, UK; TReND member)

Andreas Kudom (Lecturer, University of Cape Coast, Ghana)

Antonia Tetteh (Senior lecturer, KNUST Ghana)










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