From Science to Industry

Start date: 
6 Nov 2014
Venue city: 
Beerse, Turnhout
venue country: 

Janssen Pharmaceutica. Eric Snoeckx (Director Open Innovation and Networking) presented: “Trends in Life Sciences”: Personalized medicine will change the way the life science industry operates. The focus is shifting from treatment to prevention and new players appear from different business fields. He also presented the Janssen labs initiative of Janssen Pharmaceutica attracting start-ups and emerging research companies with a 'no strings attached' philosophy.
The Open Manufacturing Campus (OMC), Turnhout. Marc Corthout (Director OMC), presented: “Vision, status and planning of the Open Manufacturing Campus initiative, part of Flanders' drive towards Factories of the Future”. OMC's ambition is to become the most productive square km in hightech and life sciences. Especially the factory tour at Philips Lighting impressed the participants strongly, experiencing industrial real life, on the floor examples of technology development, product development and automation in production. Visits to the laser labs, micromanipulation work stations, computer vision based quality control, and a tour of production facilities.
Keynote lecture by Harry Christiaens (CEO PharmaVize): “From Science to Industry, successful entrepreneurship in the drug development value chain.”
Presentations by the founders of Peira and DCI Labs: Hans Nicasy, Barbara Weyn: Both entrepreneurs presented the foundation process of their own company, what it means to be entrepreneur and how to learn to become one. It was a very inspiring session.

Nov 2014