FLiACT Workshop on electrophysiology

Start date: 
9 Dec 2012
End date: 
12 Dec 2012
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Silke Sasche, from the Max Plank Institute of Chemical Ecology, hosted the first FLiACT Workshop on Drosophila electrophysiology and functional imaging.  

We started the workshop with a training session on Communication, for which we invited Elinor Thomson, an highly experienced trainer. All FLiACT students had the opportunity to present their project and motivations to be part of FLiACT. This soft-skill training was then followed by 3 intensive days of lectures and practical sessions on electrophysiology.

The instructors comprised 5 leading figures in the field of fly systems neuroscience: Bill S. Hansson, Dieter Wicher, Emre Yaksi, André Fiala, Martin Nawrot and Gilles Laurent. These sessions were open to the participation of a few external participants, who were selected upon letter of motivation jointly by the coordinator and Workshop organizers.

Workshop programme:

  • Bill S. Hansson (Managing Director, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, Jena): Welcome and introductory note
  • Dieter Wicher (Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, Jena): General introduction to ion channel physiology
  • Emre Yaksi (KU Leuven): Application of electrophysiolgy to Drosophila
  • André Fiala (University Göttingen): Introduction to optophysiology
  • Martin Nawrot (Free University Berlin): Introduction to data analysis
  • Gilles Laurent (Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Frankfurt): Open questions in invertebrate sensory neuroscience

Practical sessions:

  • In vivo and cell culture patch clamp recordings
  • Single-sensillum recordings and electro-antennograms
  • Calcium imaging of the adult antennal lobe
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Dec 2012