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DCILABS, Barbara Weyn

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Scientific Expertise & Collaborations: DCILABS is a spin-off company of the VisionLab, University of Antwerp, Belgium. DCILABS specializes in imaging related services for high-content screening (microscopy and macroscopy). They develop tailored high-end software and personalised imaging R&D platforms for end users in the pharma industry as well as for academic groups. Founded in Flanders, there is a traditional collaboration with Janssen Pharmaceutica, a Flemish JnJ-company. Peira is their partner for engineering and hardware developments.

Training Expertise: As a spin-off company of a University, DCILABS is still closely related with academic research of the founding group. The founders and managing directors of the company have a combined academic/business career and are regularly giving lectures and training. The majority of the personnel is post-PhD level and therefore there is a strong tradition in teaching and training. Due to the highly specialized scientific environment of the company, initial training is required for all new co-workers by DCILABS personnel, who have gained ample experience over the years.

Training & Research Environment: Being an academic spin-off company working with and for research scientists, DCILABS creates a perfect interface between academic research and industrial research. We daily deal with hospitals, big pharma and academic groups. The fellows will therefore come into contact with a broad segment of the industry and will learn to deal with niche-specific approaches and solutions. As the core-business of DCILABS is also highly interdisciplinary, fellows will get a taste from cell biology, engineering, software development, image analysis and usability research..

Most relevant publications:

1. Peters AK, Van de Wouwer G, Weyn B, Verheyen GR, Vanparys P, Van Gompel J (2008). Automated analysis of contractility in the Embryonic Stem cell Test, a novel approach to detect embryotoxicity in early development. Toxicology in Vitro 22, 1948-1956

2. Weyn B, Van Remoortere M, Nuydens R, Meert T and Van De Wouwer G (2005). A multiparametric assay for quantitative nerve regeneration evaluation. Journal of Microscopy 219 (2), 95 – 101

3. Weyn B, Tjalama W, Vermeulen P, Van Daele A, Van Marck E and Jacob W (2004). Determination of Tumour Prognosis Based on Angiogenesis-related Vascular Patterns Measured by Fractal and Syntactic Structure Analysis. Clinical Oncology 16(4), 307-316