Hans Nicasy & M. Sneyders

PEIRA, Hans Nicasy and Manu Sneyders

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Scientific Expertise & Collaborations: Peira builds customized macro imaging platforms for research. The company was founded in 2007 to support research and early development activities in Janssen Pharmaceutica, Beerse, Belgium and received funding from the Flemish government as an innovative start up that builds unique instruments for unique experiments. The company offers know how in mechatronics, mechanical design and engineering, physics, electronics, imaging and software.

Training Expertise: The founder of the company is a regular speaker in entrepreneurship workshops that are organized to stimulate new initiatives in Flanders. As a SME, training of the junior staff is a hands-on one on the floor, whereas senior management capitalizes on their former international careers in the machine building industry. Peira has built several unique cognitive behaviour test set ups (eight mazes, water mazes etc) for research and early development, apparatus’s imitating the shaking behaviour of a nurse preparing syringes for injection, several customized tools to be used in the pharmaceutical development area, special animal holders for NMRI equipment etc. Our employees are trained to value and practice creativity in finding solutions for researcher’s problems.

Training & Research Environment: Peira’s strategic focus is on nanotechnology for pharmaceutical development activities, in vivo experimental set ups and imaging automation for researchers. Through its partnership with DCILABs the company develops now platforms with customized hard and software for specific and unique applications.