Bassem Hassan

VIB, Bassem Hassan (BH)

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Scientific Expertise & Collaborations: The Hassan lab employs molecular, cellular, genetic and computational approaches to understand the genetic control of nervous system development and pathology using the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster as a model system. The major specific interests of the Hassan lab are: (1) Transcriptional regulation of cell fate specification during nervous system development and in fly cancer models; (2) Genetic control of neurite outgrowth and neuronal circuit development; (3) Genetic mechanisms of axonal injury and regeneration.

The Hassan lab is engaged in several collaborations in all major areas of the lab’s interests with groups in Holland, France, Germany, Spain, the UK and the US. BH is also a Visiting Scientist of the HHMI-Janelia Farm Research Campus.

Training Expertise: Over the last 8 years BH has supervised 7 postdoctoral fellows, 12 Ph.D. students and 5 Masters students. The lab currently has 3 postdoctoral fellows and 6 Ph.D. students.

Training & Research Environment: The VIB is a leading European life sciences institute and an emerging world-class centre of life sciences excellence. It is a virtual institute of more than 60 groups distributed over the 4 major universities of Flanders, Belgium. In addition to state of the art laboratory equipment, the VIB operates several major core facilities for gene expression, genetics, proteomics, antibody production and structural biology.

The VIB runs an international Ph.D. program in collaboration with the Flemish Universities ( In addition to all the benefits of academic training at the major universities, Ph.D. students in VIB labs benefit from multiple extensive seminar series, organise their own Ph.D. student symposium, present talks and posters at an annual VIB-wide meeting and are offered an extensive list of VIB-organized courses on scientific writing, presentation, career opportunities and science & society.

Most relevant publications:

1. Nicolai, L-J, Ramaekers A, Raemaekers T, Drozdzecki A, Mauss AS, Yan J, Landgraf M, Annaert W, Hassan BA. (2010) Genetically encoded dendritic marker sheds light on neuronal connectivity in DrosophilaProc. Nat. Acad. Sci USA, Nov.23:107(47):20553

2. Choi, C-M., S. Vilain, M. Langen, S. Van Kelst, N. De Geest, J. Yan, P. Verstreken, and B. A. Hassan (2009). Conditional mutagenesis in DrosophilaScience, 324: 54.

3. Ayaz, D., Leyssen, M., M. Koch, J. Yan, M. Srahna, V. Shiba, K. J. Fogle, T. C. Holmes and B. A. Hassan. (2008). Axonal injury and regeneration in the adult brain of DrosophilaJ. Neurosci. 28:6010-6021.