FLiACT intends to provide a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary training to study neural processes, from genes to neuronal circuits to behaviour in Europe. We are aiming to create an educational platform in the field of integrative systems neuroscience, which we hope will last beyond the lifetime of the project.

Cutting-edge neuroscience has shifted from single, highly delimited and specialized studies to cross-disciplinary approaches that require knowledge and skills in multiple disciplines (from biology to physics) as well a good command of emerging technologies. The aim of FLiACT is to contribute to the structuring of European training in integrative systems neuroscience.

Our long-term goal is to launch a regular workshop series on topics uncovered by existing European summer schools, e.g. Drosophila electrophysiology and functional imaging, basic engineering for behavioural assay development, computational neuroscience of sensory systems. 

As a first step in this direction, we will organize the "FLiACT Summer School" for PhD students in September, 10th -14th , 2015 in Lisbon. The FLiACT fellows will share and transfer techniques and know-how they gained in the training network to the young community of neuroscientists. More information will follow soon.