Workshop on behavioral assays development

Start date: 
17 Apr 2013
End date: 
18 Apr 2013
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The second two-day scientific workshop on Behavioural assays gathered eight high profile researchers leading the field who provided series of lectures, practical sessions and several opportunities for critical discussions. We coupled this scientific workshop with a debate on career opportunities for researchers in academia and in the private sector, and on gender balance in research. Professor Elena Conti, director of the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry, gave a very inspiring lecture about developing a career in science.

  • Martin Heisenberg (University of Wuerzburg): History, present, and future of fly behavioral neuroscience
  • Hiromu Tanimoto (MPI Neurobiology, Martinsried): Learning and memory in the fruit fly
  • Marta Zlatic (Janelia Farm): Behavioral screens and design of assays
  • Kristin Branson (Janelia Farm): Automated analysis of behavioral data using ctrax and alike
  • Barbara Weyn (DCIlabs, Leuven) Computer based image analysis of dynamic visual data
  • Gonzalo de Polavieja (Cajal Institute, Madrid): Creative mathematical modelling, data analysis, and new video tracking techniques
  • Alexander Borst (MPI Neurobiology): Neural processing in the fly visual system
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Apr 2013